That's Carboxytherapy.

 For parts of body where dieting alone won't get rid of cellulite and stubborn fat,

 This machine provides simultaneous slimming of wide areas and tightening of the skin.

How It Works

 The Italian-made CARBOMED works by injecting medical-grade carbon dioxide under the skin at the ploblem areas.

 After the injection, the metabolism of the affected section is accelerated, causing the layer of subcutaneus fat and cellulite to become thinner and more smooth.

 The process is generally carried out over 8-10 visits, occurring once every week - two weeks.

 However, if there is a pressing need, the process can be performed up to twice a week, shorting the total time required to 4-5 weeks.


※When you have Diabetes, Heart disease and so on, the process may not be performed.


 Reguler Treatment of Carbomed

 Trial 1 area:\4,980

 Trial 2 area:\10,800

 1 area:\10,800

 A ticket for 9 times:\77,760

2 areas: \13,986

2 areas×5 times ticket:\61,560

2 areas×9 times ticket:\97,200

Whole of lower body trial:\45,000

 Carbomed for small region

1 point:\4,320

 * By 1 point, you are treated for region of about a hand size.

Carbomed for face

1 point:\4,320

Cheeks trial:\5,400

Cheeks and chin trial:\7,560

Cheeks 5 times ticket:\40,986

Cheeks 9 times ticket:\64,800

Cheeks and chin 5 times ticket:\61,560

Cheeks and chin 9 times ticket:\97,200


 * made in Itary

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