The cryothermotherapy machine, named "LipoContrast" and made in Spain works by creating a vacuum of refrigeration and heat-treatment. It trapps your difficult to lose fat chilling at 39.2‹F (4Ž) and heating. The process makes thermal contrast to lead more effects.

 This machine provides simultaneous decreasing of both the size of the subcutaneous fat as well as the number of the fat cells themselves.

How It Works

 The theory of cryothermotherapy is based on gathering, trapping, chilling and heating the subcutaneous fat cells and maintaing that status untill those fat cells have been killed via a process known as apoptosis.

 A single process takes about 60 minuits.

 The effects can be seen 4 weeks later after a single visit.

 However, if you need more desired effects, next process will be performed after 4 weeks again.


¦When you have Diabetes, Heart disease and so on, the process may not be performed.


 Trial 1 region:\32,400

 1 region: \49,680

 2 regions:\64,800

 4 regions:\124,200



 * made in Spain

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